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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016

February 7th, 2016

Massproductions have an unusually strong presence at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this year. We show in our largest fair stand to date, propped with big news, our recently opened showroom is part of the annual design press tour and the collection has been choosen to furnish the new Design Bar and the Design Talks area.

There is a lot happening around Massproductions at the Stockholm Furniuture Fair 2016. To begin with our 2016/2017 collection has been honourably selected by Andreas Martin -Löf architect firm to furnish the new Design Bar and Design Talks area. And on the opening night we welcome the international press to our new, fresh Stockholm showroom and studio (located in Johannes Norlander’s neo-modern HG7 building, designed by Guise architects and shared with Wästberg lighting company). To round off we also co-host this years Design Bar Cocktail.

At the stand our best-selling signature collection Tio gets a refresh with a range of new colors and we present the Endless shelving system and the Ferric workshop table, both extendable and multifunctional problem solvers. Other notable news include the Spark lounger and footstool, the Dandy ottoman and the Icha Icha desk.

World of colors

The Tio series is Massproductions’ signature collection, appreciated by architects and private clients around the world. At the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Tio gets a refresh with a range of new colors.

The Tio chairs and tables are made from galvanized metal wire, designed to endure outdoor use in punishing conditions. The wire construction is painted with a tough Swiss polyester coat to protect the furniture even through grim Nordic winters and the corrosive sea breeze of Californian summers.

Four of the original colors are left untouched and six new are added. From ochre yellow to autumnal red and reindeer moss, many are inspired by nature, while the solid black, white and grey lend a crisply graphical, urban feel. The Tour Eiffel brown, on the other hand, is a nod to another timeless piece of steel construction.


In recent years the reigning interior design philosophy, both in homes and in offices, has been shared, open spaces. Endless is a free-standing wall of shelves that cuts through those open spaces, making room for both privacy and the objects of life and work.
The shelf segments join together, supporting each other as they lean in opposite directions. If you need a see-through room divider Endless performs that function from the get go. If you need a wall that closes off a space from sight and sound, just jam Endless full of books and objects from both sides.
The shelves make a rhythmically billowing wall, creating new rooms within a room. Whether in a home or an office, it’s an intelligent way of adding storage, style and functionality.


It looks sturdy because it is sturdy. Ferric is a multifunctional table, built for hard work, creative conferences and delightful dinners. In fact, you can join segments together for a five meter long table, providing ample room for all those activities at once. The wood top rests on a steel frame carefully optimized for stability and sustainability – a well-balanced design evoking the industrial design of Jean Prouvé.

Ferric comes with oak or black veneer top, and black or wine-red base.


Lightness and comfort are qualities that don’t always go together, but they are elegantly combined in Spark, a lounger that’s just as pleasing by the fireplace at home as in a public lounge area. The minimal steel construction is softened by leather arm rests, upholstery clad in canvas and wooden runners, making an exquisitely slender, contemporary chair with an unmistakeable resemblance to the Swedish “spark”, a traditional kicksled.

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